How to make your Mindset strong?

Mindset is one of the most important elements of your success. If you have a strong mindset you can face any challenges and obstacles that come on your way and be able to achieve the end goal.

When you have a strong physique you can easily overcome all the limitations at the physical or body level. Similarly, with a strong mindset, you can easily overcome all the limiting beliefs at the mind level. And when your mind is with you, taking action towards your goals becomes easy.

In this article, we are going to understand how to make your mindset strong by replacing your old thoughts with new powerful thoughts because when your mind is strong your life will be strong. And in order to make this happen, you have to work on your thoughts.

Throughout the article, we will initially understand what exactly the mindset is? and then what are those powerful thoughts that can make your mindset strong? in the end, you will get in-depth clarity on this. Now let’s start…


What is Mindset?

Mind is a very powerful tool and the way it thinks makes you who you are as a person. The way the mind thinks is also called a Mindset. Mindset is a thinking pattern or your frame of mind that impacts how you make sense of the world as well as of yourself.

In other words, we can say mindset is a set of beliefs and thoughts which influences the way you handle any given situation. It dictates your personality, helping you sort out what’s going on around you and what you should do about it.

Most experts agree that a strong mindset is formed on the basis of a combination of two factors i.e. genetics and life experiences. Your life experiences and genetics together help frame your attitude and beliefs. These two things plays important role in forming your mindset.


Your attitude to something is how you think or feel about it, especially when it shows in the way you behave. Your attitude can have different components such as emotional components or how something or someone makes you feel.

Then another component is the cognitive component, which is how or what you think about the subject. This is finally followed by the behavioral component which shows how you behave when confronted by the subject.

Then comes your beliefs which are merely feelings of certainty about something. Beliefs are actually based on ideas and when at a specific point, these ideas start to feel certain, they turn into beliefs.

Beliefs, in turn, shape your attitude, and your attitude in turn shapes your mindset. Your attitude and beliefs then give rise to your daily habits, which are a direct reflection of your strong mindset.

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How does Mindset form?

For the majority of people, their mindset is created for them at a very early age, it may be through parents, teachers, friends, and family that you spend most of your time and you absorb what you are told repeatedly.

At an early age, you don’t have any reference point to live your life and that’s the reason you accept what all your surrounding people told you repeatedly as a reference point. You accept all that information as true.

This fundamental information then becomes embedded within your mind and starts to shape your beliefs about the world and yourself. These beliefs later shape your attitude towards life.

As you grow and become mature, your life experiences and events may contradict that earlier information embedded within your brain at a young age. 

Your continuously changing life experiences somewhat change your mindset over the period of time. However, that earlier information continues to stick within your mind becomes the reference point for much of your life.

So who you are spending most of your time with has a great impact on your mindset formation. If you are surrounded by people who are in a constant state of negativity and anxiety, then there is a good chance that you develop a mindset where you start reacting in the same way as those people.

On the other hand, if you are surrounded by people who are in a constant state of positivity and hope, then you also develop that mindset where you start reacting to the life events positively like those people.

Your mindset is continuously developing and becoming stronger the more you repeat and practice your beliefs. If you have strong limiting beliefs or mindset then you unknowingly repeat the negative self-talk and start to see things in a different way.

On the other hand, if you have a positive mindset then you repeat the positive self-talk consistently and it gets reinforced through your beliefs and consequent actions. Repetition of thoughts is one of the most important factors in forming your mindset.

Along with the repetition of thoughts, emotion is also an important factor in forming a mindset. When you mix repeated thoughts in your mind and actions with emotions then you will see a lot more difference in end results.

Mindset formation

When you repeat certain thoughts consistently with a combination of powerful emotions those thoughts embed into your mind more quickly and strongly. Whether it is empowering thought or disempowering thoughts, it works the same for any thoughts.

Over the period of time, these thoughts turn into beliefs, and then your beliefs give rise to daily habits. Your habits are actually the product of the type of thoughts embed into your mind.

For example – Let’s say in your past you face some troubles earning money and then this thought generated in your mind that earning money is hard. If you consistently repeat this thought in your mind with strong emotion that you experienced in the past.

Then over a period of time that thought turns into beliefs means you start believing that earning money is hard. This belief automatically gives rise to the habits which keep you away from earning money easily. 

Because of this single thought, you change the way to look at earning money. Vice versa is also true. If you repeat the thought that earning money is easy in your mind and in past also you earned a good amount of money.

So with strong emotion from past experience and repetition of thought, you start believing that earning money is easy for you. Then your belief will automatically give rise to habits that help you earn more money (like investing, saving, etc.)

That means when any thought is continuously repeated in your mind with strong emotion it turns into beliefs over a period of time and then you develop your behavior, attitude, and habits according to that beliefs. This overall forms your mindset.


Types of Mindset – 

Your strong mindset can either opens a door of opportunities for you or it can set limitations based on your beliefs. That means your mindset can help you spot opportunities in life and they can also equally well trap you in self-defeating cycles as well.

It all depends on what you tell yourself consistently about yourself and about this world. If you become trapped in a limiting mindset then your mindset prevents change from happening in your life. On the other hand, if you develop a positive mindset then your mindset allows all the new changes to happen.

Because your mindset holds your set of beliefs and it has immense potential to make a difference in your life. Having the right mindset to finish any task or goal is almost a prerequisite for success.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, student, entrepreneur, doctor, or in any other profession, you need the right mindset to be successful at what you do. Every profession comes with its own hurdles and obstacles.

And having a positive mindset allows you to not only overcome those obstacles but even welcome them as challenges or an opportunity to learn and grow.

There are different types of mindsets that can either help you unleash your potential or unleash your best. Let’s talk about those different types of mindsets – 

  • Scarcity mindset – Most people are inclined towards a scarcity mentality. They often view life as having only so much and if they had to share, there wouldn’t be enough for them.
  • This type of mindset makes it very hard for such people to share anything including credit, recognition, responsibility, and even authority with others. (Choose negative thoughts and adopts a victim mentality)
  • Abundance mindset – People with an abundance mentality are not limited by a scarcity mentality. They have different thinking patterns, instead of seeing the opportunity as limited, they strive to create more opportunities for themselves and embrace change instead of fearing it.
  • Their everyday focus is on what is working? and see endless possibilities to improve their current situation. (Choose positive thoughts and adopts a growth mentality.)
  • Productive mindset – Having this mindset means you utilize all your resources including your time, energy, and efforts in the best possible way. It means making the most of what is available while enjoying the process.
  • People with a productive mindset seek out valid knowledge and make informed choices at the workplace as well as in life. Their focus is always on finding solutions to different problems.
  • Defensive mindset – It is a self-protective and self-defensive type of mindset. This type of mindset only seeks out information that it feels comfortable with and shuts down when things get difficult.
  • This thinking pattern can become very limiting. The biggest setback of this mindset is you learn something based on false assumptions or prevent learning altogether. 
  • Fixed mindset – It is a static view where you believe that you are either good at something or you just are not. You believe that your intelligence, talents, and all qualities are innate and unchangeable. (Belief like – If you are not good at something, you never become good at it.)
  • Growth mindset – It is a learning mindset with a dynamic view. This mindset allows you to believe that you can change, improve, and get better at anything through the right training. (Belief like – Even if you are not good at something, you can become an expert in it with the right training.)

These are the 6 important types of mindsets, you can easily see that the three types of mindsets i.e. Abundance mindset, Productive mindset, Growth mindset, allows you to explore, grow, and help you achieve your full potential.

On the other hand, the other three types i.e. Scarcity mindset, Defensive mindset, and Fixed mindset may appear to offer more comfort, be easier to follow, and require less effort but they can hold you back from achieving your full potential.

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So you have to focus on building the first three types of mindset which is the ultimate meaning of making a strong mindset. To build a strong mindset you have to install some powerful thoughts in your mind.

For that, you have to repeat those thoughts in your mind every day and take action as per those thoughts so that over the period of time you will see a huge difference in your thought process, beliefs, behavior, and attitude. This is the first step toward building a strong mindset


5 mindset shifts to make a Strong Mindset-

To develop a strong mindset, you need to focus on these 5 important mindset shifts. Once you are able to achieve that shift you will see major good changes in your life. Let’s talk about them in detail – 


1. “Life can be easy and exciting” –

You have to shift your thinking from ‘Life is hard’ to ‘Life can be easy and exciting’. From childhood days our parents instilled in us this idea that life is soo hard, you have to work really hard to survive or if you want to make something of yourself.

This thought process is half right. You should learn from your parent’s experiences, listen to them and also take some important qualities from them but don’t 100% believe what they are telling you about life.

Because their time was different and during their time period life was difficult, people really work hard to live a good life. But now the time is different, in this internet world life become a little bit easy as compared to the last 20 years and I am sure you are also experiencing this.

To live in today’s world, you should take qualities like patience, discipline, persistence, etc, from your parents but focus on exponential growth. You don’t need to work hard to make your life easy, you have to focus on how you can find smart ways to finish your work and make life easy.

Whatever you are doing in life, there is always a smarter and easy way for you to do it. Many people of your generation figured it out already and now it’s your job to find it and see how they did it.

This applies to all areas of your life. The moment you begin changing the way you do things or your work, life gets easier and more exciting than ever before. So always focus on finding smarter ways to finish things or achieve any goal. In this way, you will start believing that Life is easy and exciting.


2. From ‘I will never’ to ‘How I can’ – 

Most people live their entire life with the belief that “I will never be rich, I will never be good at that skill, I will never afford that,” etc. With this type of belief, they waste their entire life. Due to such limiting beliefs, they do not even achieve their goals.

But in reality, these thoughts are not completely true, it is just a wrong way of thinking and you can change it and make your mindset strong. For that, you need to replace I will never to How I can. From I will never be rich to How I can be rich? From I will never afford it to How I can afford it? etc.

This simple shift can make a difference in your life. To install this belief in your mind, you need to focus on taking action, towards your goal. Let’s say you want to master a new skill, initially, you have to shift your thinking from I will never be good at that skill to How I can master that skill?

Once you shift it the next step is to start taking action which means start learning that skill on a regular basis and practicing it consistently. This way you can master any skill. So the answer to all your How I can? question is take action consistently.

If you have already established in your mind that something you never going to achieve then there is no interest in even trying. But the moment you switch to the How I can make this happen attitude, things suddenly open up to identifying a plan of action that could make it a reality. 

Remember this – Average people only wish but successful people take action.


3. From ‘I need to know everything’ to ‘I just need to start’ – 

Most people think that they need to know everything before start working on a new goal. They think that this is not the right time to work on a new goal, I need to look for the right time. The truth is most people are waiting for the right time to start working 0n a new goal.

With this type of thought process, they never do anything, they never take action on their goals and choose to settle for a mediocre life. Very few people take immediate action on their goals they don’t wait for the right time. They believe now is the time to take action.

The people who believe that I just need to start taking action now, don’t need to think of a perfect time, they achieve their goal easily because they are ready to take action and learn all the important things which are necessary for them to achieve their end goal.

On the other hand, those who believe that I need to know everything to start working on my goal, fail to achieve their goal because of their perfection type thinking. The only difference between those who win and others is that winners are action takers, not perfect time thinkers.


4. From ‘Wanting something’ to ‘Figuring out why you want something’ – 

Whatever we do in our life at the core of it there is always some deep reason behind it, that is nothing but the ‘WHY’. Let’s say you want a sports bike, so ask yourself “Why do I want a bike?” for the first why the answer can be “I want to look successful”.

Again ask why to yourself “Why do you want to look successful?” for the second why the answer can be “I want people to see how good I am doing in my life.” Again ask why to yourself “Why do I want people to see how good I am doing in my life.”

For the 3rd why the answer can be ” Because deep down I am looking for the approval of others in order to make myself feel good.” That’s how asking why to yourself multiple times will give you the actual reasons why you want things.

The more you ask yourself, the more you get to know yourself and what actually drives you. Knowing why want anything in life will change the way of your life. It completely changes the way you go about your goals and it improves your decision-making process in the best way possible.

So don’t just work on any goal with the thought process of you want that thing, instead of that ask yourself why multiple times and get the real reason why you want to achieve that goal. This ‘why’ will gives you the energy to take action on that goals.

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5. From ‘another obstacle’ to ‘another opportunity’ to grow in life – 

Whatever we do in life either job or business, we come across a lot of difficulties and obstacles. Every time you face obstacles you get frustrated, you start thinking that this is too much difficult to overcome.

You see obstacles as the biggest problem which can’t allow you to become successful at your work. Most of the time, you think about why this is happening to me, why I am facing this problem, Why I am facing these obstacles on the path to my goal, etc.

But the truth is Not just you, every single person on this planet goes through a similar process which are filled with different obstacles and difficulties.

Let’s say you are searching for a new job, in this entire process of job search you face a lot of rejection, obstacles, and difficulties, everyone goes through the different obstacles and difficulties in their process of job search.

Similarly, if you are starting a business, you will be going to face different obstacles and difficulties on that path, not just you but everyone who wants to start a business, faces different obstacles and difficulties on the path.

So the point here is, that whichever field you chose you will be going to face obstacles and difficulties on the path. You must accept the fact that obstacles and difficulties are a part of life without this, you can’t grow in life.

Instead of seeing obstacles as problems, you should start seeing obstacles as challenges to grow. Consider every obstacle as the next opportunity to grow in life. Every day tell yourself I am capable enough to overcome every obstacle that comes my way.

Because not only you are facing these obstacles in life, everyone on this planet is facing different obstacles in their life. And many of them are successfully overcoming it every single day, if they can do it you can too. Believe that this single mindset shift can make your mindset strong.

Remember – You are more powerful than the obstacles that comes in your way.


Conclusion – 

In order to build a strong mindset, you have to work on your thoughts every single day. You have to monitor your thoughts every day and install as many as possible empowering thoughts in your mind, with the help of repetition.

Developing a strong mindset is life long process and you can achieve it by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every single day. With the help of powerful thoughts and overcoming the limiting beliefs you can make your mindset strong.

In this article, we discussed in detail What is mindset and how it is formed? 6 types of mindsets, 5 mindset shifts to make a strong mindset, etc. I hope you got a basic idea of what needs to be done to build a strong mindset.

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