Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help people in their self-improvement journey. Let’s build the strong mindset of this generation.

✅ On this platform, we are providing the best tips and strategies to improve your life.

✅ We are constantly focusing on helping you to build a strong mindset and thought process, with that you can face any life problems whether it is professional or personal problems.

✅ This is the best platform for personal growth, inspiration, motivation, mindset building, productivity, and time management tips.

✅ Every post from us will teach you a great lesson to improve your professional as well as personal life.


Ashwin More

About Me

Founder at Developstrongmind 

Engineer by education but entrepreneur by heart, started this platform to help people in their self improvement journey.

My articles will inspire you to take action in life, motivates you to give your best at work, change your mindset from average to champion, will help you in personal development and self improvement.

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