Is Motivation important in life?

Is motivation important in life

Is motivation important in life? this is the most popular question the young generation has. Many people have different answers to this question. I personally think that along with other factors motivation is also a key element for long-term success in life.

Some people think that we need discipline to get success in life, on the other hand, some believe that motivation works as a driving force that helps us face challenges in life. Well, both are true and this depends on the individual experiences.

In this article, we are going to understand why motivation is important in life? and how it helps you get ahead in your life? We also going to discuss different ways to keep yourself motivated in life. In the end, you will understand how this driving force can change your life. Let’s start…


What is Motivation?

It is the driving force behind our actions. Whatever things we do in our life all are executed with the support of this driving force. This force activates our goal-oriented behavior and helps us achieve any goal in life.

So almost anything you do in your life, the reason behind it is called Motivation. For example – If you get a glass of water, you are thirsty, that’s your motivation. Let’s say you are studying hard for exams because you want to get into a good college, that’s your driving force.

You can pick up anything in your life, the reason behind why you are doing that particular thing is always some kind of driving force. When there is motivation, there is enthusiasm to take action and that driving force helps us push ourselves to reach goals easily.

What is motivation

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Most commonly there are two main types of motivation that act as a driving force behind all our actions i.e. Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation. These two types always serve as guiding forces for all human actions.

  • Intrinsic – This is an internal force or motive within the individual which propels him or her emitting certain behavior. Here person takes action towards something for his inherent satisfaction, not because of any external rewards.
  • For example – Students study consistently because the subject is interesting, a person runs a business because he loves doing it, a person working in a job for 9hr because he is loving it, etc. In all these examples the driving force comes within.
  • Extrinsic – This is an external force that arises from outside of the individual and sets him into motion. Here person takes action towards something in order to obtain some rewards or recognition, not because of an internal motive.
  • For example – Working hard in a job to get a promotion, Studying hard for exams to get a good grade and recognition in class, a person running a business because he wants fame and money, etc. In all these examples the driving force is external rewards.

The point here is whatever we do in our life is either due to an intrinsic or extrinsic driving force. Without this, it’s impossible for humans to take action towards any goal.

Well, I know other factors like discipline, patience, ability to communicate, and focus are most important for success but along with that motivation also plays an important role in long-term success.

See, to maintain consistency and discipline you need strong motivation, to remain focused on your goal irrespective of distractions you need a strong driving force, to patiently wait for the end results you need a strong driving force.

So if you are a student, teacher, actor, CEO, athlete, singer, dancer, etc. whatever your profession is in order to achieve a big goal in your profession you need a strong driving force that helps you push every time when you feel down. Let’s see some top reasons why motivation is important in life.


10 reasons why motivation is important – 

We all are born with some purpose, to achieve that purpose we have to work towards our goal, in that process, motivation helps us to transform our dream into reality, to convert our goal into results.

If Larry page was not motivated to create Google, we were not able to get a world-class search engine. If Thomas Edison was not motivated to invent the light bulb, we were not able to get electricity in the house. 

In this world, this powerful driving force helped solve different life problems and people achieved extraordinary results in their life due to this guiding force. Let me tell you the 10 reasons why motivation is important in life.

Why motivation is important

Motivation builds self-confidence – 

When you are motivated to achieve your goal, you take consistent small actions towards your goal and you start getting the results of those small daily actions. You push yourself out of your comfort zone, you push yourself to face challenges and different obstacles in the path.

After overcoming all these finally you get the results and this sense of accomplishment automatically increases your self-confidence within yourself. This self-confidence makes you ready for the next goal in your life. All this happens because you are motivated to take action towards your goal.


It clarifies your goal –

When you are motivated, you feel that you need to change your life and set a new direction for it. Your life will start changing when you set a goal for yourself and then motivation pushes you towards your goal.

It helps you get clarity about what is your goal? why do you want to achieve that? and how are you going to achieve that? Motivation provides you energy to overcome all the challenges and obstacles that come on the path to your goal and it also helps you clearly see your goal.

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It increases your commitment towards work – 

When you get clarity about your goal then the next thing that comes is taking action towards your goal and for that, you need to be committed towards your goal or daily action. Commitment keeps you on the path of your goal.

Here comes the role of motivation, it increases your commitment towards your work. Sometimes you won’t get the expected result while working on your goal, that time you feel down and don’t want to work again.

But during that downtime, this driving force helps you remind why you started working on this goal. It gives you the energy to start taking action again on that goal and reminds you that commitment is important to achieve the goal.

And when you become committed towards your goal then you become ready to give your 100% effort and when you invest 100% effort at any work the chances of getting results are very high. 


It gets you through hard times – 

When your life is going well and there are no problems in your life. During that time period, you feel good and you feel motivated to work on your goals. But when things are harder, you are facing a lot of challenges and obstacles. During that time you feel stressed about your life situation.

You feel like you are a loser. During this hard time, motivation helps you bounce back from the feeling of loser. This driving force gives you the strength and courage to fight in any life situation. It gives you the confidence that you are capable of getting through this hard time.


It helps you fight against the fear – 

While working on your goal, sometimes you feel self-doubt because of fear of failure. Your mind starts imagining the scenarios what if I fail? what if I am not able to achieve my goal? This fear of failure tries to stop you from taking action towards your goal.

Motivation helps you kick your fear of failure by reminding you why you started working on this goal. It gives you the energy to take action irrespective of what you feeling. It helps you see the bigger picture of your goal and its outcome which is beyond your fear and self-doubts.


Motivation enhances your performance and productivity – 

We all know that success in life is achieved through high-level performance and productivity. When you understand what motivates you to do better at work, you naturally start giving your best performance at work.

If you are doing your daily work without knowing the ‘Why’ then you easily get distracted and lose interest in your work. On the other hand, if you know ‘why’ behind your daily work, then it acts as a driving force that motivates you to do better without getting distracted.

That means when you are motivated to do your work then you will automatically give your best performance at work with a high level of productivity. 

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It helps you learn more and become an expert in any field – 

To learn more about anything or become an expert in any topic, you need to read a lot, absorb more information about that topic, and interpret or analyze it continuously. You need to invest your time and energy to learn that topic in detail, you have to learn so many hard concepts of that topic to master it.

But it is difficult to go through this hard learning journey because you know the learning process is complicated, in between this learning process you may feel lost or confused when things become harder and you are unable to understand it.

During this time motivation will help you push through this difficult journey, it gives you more energy to learn hard and complicated concepts and that’s how you learn more and become an expert in any topic with the help of motivation. This will automatically benefit your career.


It increases your effort –

While working on your goal, there is a time when you feel lazy and bored, you don’t want to take action on your goal. You feel down and you waste your time. This happens when you don’t get the expected results, during that time you need to be patient and consistent in taking action.

During this difficult time, motivation helps you feel driven and it forces you to take massive action towards a goal. It automatically increases your amount of effort and when your efforts are more the chances of getting results are high.


It helps you get healthier and fit – 

To become healthy it is very important to do daily exercise and eat healthy food. But it is very difficult to wake up every day and do exercise for 30 to 45 min either in a gym or at home. Similarly, it’s very hard to maintain healthy eating habits. To follow these two things consistently you need a strong driving force that pushes you every day.

That is where you need motivation or a driving force that gives you the energy to do exercise daily and eat healthy. This driving force comes when you want to be physically fit and healthy. This single thought works like fuel which pushes you every morning to do exercise and take care of your diet.


Motivation helps you in overall growth –

Your growth as a person means you grow in your career, in your health, finance, and relationships. So you grow as a person when all your important life areas will grow or we can say improve. Any person grows in his life when he starts making constant improvements in all the life areas on a daily basis.

But to make this happen you need a strong driving force or we can say energy which encourages you on a daily basis to improve these areas and that is nothing but motivation. It helps you every day to take actions in order to grow in your career, in order to improve your health, in order to make your relationships strong, etc.

So basically this driving force pushes you on a daily basis to take action for self-development. And when you start growing in all the areas of life, you automatically become happy and fulfilled in life.


Conclusion – 

The biggest advantage of motivation is it pushes us to take action towards a goal. I know there are so many factors responsible to make you successful in life along with that motivation is also important because it acts as a fuel/driving force during difficult times like when we feel down or tired.

In this article, I shared the 10 important reasons why this driving force is important in your life to make you super successful. I hope you understood the importance of it, so spend at least 30 min every day to motivate yourself by using powerful thoughts.

For that, you can watch motivational videos, listen to motivational podcasts, read motivational articles/books on our platform, etc. Do whatever things you like to do but do it consistently to see bigger changes in your life.

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