How to improve the life quality? 3 things you should focus

life quality

Everybody on this planet wants to improve the life quality, they want a more peaceful, happy, and meaningful existence. To live the best life as an individual we need to put in lots of effort and take care of all the important areas of life. It’s not a one-day work, it is the lifelong practice to improve all the areas continuously.

Everybody has a different definition for best life, but all the definitions are based on three aspects Health, Career, Relationships. Everybody wants good health, a high-paying career, and good relationships. But to achieve these things is not that easy, for that we need to do consistent efforts throughout life.

So in this article, I am going to discuss how you can improve your life quality by focusing on these 3 important areas and share with you some important tips with the help of which you can maintain good health, relationships, and consistently grow in your career. Let’s begin…


What is the quality of life?

World health organization defines the Quality of life as “An individual perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value system in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns.”

This definition highlights all the important areas of life. As I said the meaning of successful life is different for different people, some people consider having a high amount of money as an indication of a successful or quality life,

some consider having the best relationship is a successful life, some consider having social status and power or position means a successful life. Some consider living like a monk is the best way to live life. 

Nobody is right or wrong. It’s individual perception and choice. Personally, I think Quality of life covers 3 important areas Health, Career, and relationships. How good is your health? How fast are you growing in your career? how strong relationships do you have?

quality of life


When we maintain the balance between these three-factors, then the quality of our life improves automatically. It’s not about focusing on one factor only. Most of the time people focus fully on their career and earning money to become rich but during that, they forget about their health and relationships. 

When they become old, they have lots of money but nobody is there to take care of them and even their body is also not going to support them. So Maintaining the proper balance in these three areas is the key to live a successful life.

You should take care of your health first and also maintain good relationships because these two things will support you in your bad time. Then focus on earning money, build a strong professional career so that you can earn money, and give all types of comfort to your family.

Let’s understand these three aspects in detail –


3 factors you should focus on to improve life quality –

Maintaining a balance is the most important thing for a successful life. Whatever you are doing whether it is working, falling in love, taking care of your health, don’t get too much obsessed with one factor.

Try to make a balance in all, I know it is very difficult but if you do it properly at an adult age it will give you a more peaceful life when you get old. Let me share with you some tips or whatever things I know about these factors which will be beneficial to you.


Health –

Health is the utmost important factor because without this we can’t exist. When we talk about health there are two types of health that we need to take care of i.e. Mental health and Physical health.

In this fast-changing digital world, people don’t have the time to take care of their health. They have the time to scroll down mobile phones for more than 5 hr, they have time to watch TV late at night but they don’t have 30 min for their own health. 

They don’t have the time to take care of their body in which they will be going to live for entire life. How disappointing is this? and again people expect a quality life. With this type of laziness, it is not possible to live a healthy life.

Taking care of health is the first step towards a quality life. This human body is a beautiful gift we got from Nature and God, so it’s our responsibility to take care of this body and use it to do something better in life. It’s our duty to make it strong and healthy with the help of proper diet and daily exercise.

Start observing your eating habits, What type of food do you consume daily? Are you eating an ample amount of fresh fruits and vegetables or not? Are you consuming more amount of bakery foods or fried foods? How much amount of sugar/salt you are eating? ask these types of questions to yourself and evaluate your eating habits.

What type of food we eat will decide how healthy we are. If you eat unhealthy food your body becomes unhealthy and vice-versa. See I am not a dietician who can tell you what to eat and whatnot. But we can learn it from the internet or consult with doctors.


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So 1st thing you should focus on eating healthy and fresh foods and avoiding unhealthy foods. The next thing you need to focus on is at least daily 30 min of exercise.

I am not asking you to do hardcore exercise like an athlete just a simple 30 min exercise, it could be running, yoga, stretching, walking, gym, dancing, etc. anything which you would like to do. 


Depending upon your schedule and interest select any type of exercise and do it 5 times a week consistently because with continuous discipline you will get the best result from exercise. So proper diet and daily exercise are must things you need to follow to keep your body healthy and fit.

One more important factor that improves physical health is proper sleep. Most of the time we ignored this factor but to make your body physically strong proper sleep is essential. At least 6 to 7 hrs of sleep is necessary for your mind and body.

Sleep deprivation disturbs your entire body functioning even if you are following a proper diet and doing exercise daily then also it is not going to help if you can’t take sleep for at least 6 hrs. Build the habit of a fixed time for sleep, and avoid all types of distractions that disturb your sleeping time.

It could be using late-night mobile phones. watching TV, chatting with others, etc. stop doing these things during night time, you can do it after your work maybe at 6 or 7 pm. Proper sleep is the foundation for following the other two factors without this you can’t achieve good quality health.

quality sleep + proper diet + daily exercise = Strong physical health

On the other hand, mental health is also one of the most important aspects of quality life. In today’s world, depression, anxiety, and loneliness becomes the most dangerous mental health issue. These issues increasing day by day because there is something wrong with our thought process.

This generation becoming mentally weak, they are unable to handle life challenges or problems. This happening because of the comfort that we are getting due to technology. Technology makes our life more comfortable, it provides all things easier for us. Due to this, we are constantly getting into our comfort zone.

Now it becomes very difficult for this generation to get out of their comfort zone. So when any life problem occurs it could be financial, health, or career-related, then they are unable to handle it easily. Because they don’t have the mental strongness that is necessary to face life problems.

When I say mental strongness, I am emphasizing on proper thought processes or mindsets to tackle such types of problems. To become mentally healthy means you have the right thought process, you have a strong mindset, you can handle mental pressure. With these types of qualities, issues like depression, loneliness never come to you.

Now, what can be done to improve mental health or build a strong mindset? here are tips – 

  1. Check out your mental diet plan like what type of books you are reading? what type of thoughts you are allowing to enter your mind? what type of content you are consuming on the internet? which type of people you are surrounded by? monitor all these areas and figure out the type of thoughts that are entering your mind whether those thoughts making you mentally strong or weak.
  2. Read quality books that will help you to improve your thoughts, watch the best possible content on the internet which are actually helping you to grow.
  3. Consistently push yourself out of your comfort zone and build the habit of solving problems not complaining about life problems.
  4. Practice meditation and affirmation to make your mind relax and stable.

These are the things you should focus on to improve mental and physical health in order to improve the life quality.


Relationships –

After health, this is the most important aspect of happy and quality peaceful life. The true fact is that your health also depends on this, the better relationships you have the more healthy and happy you are. It’s very important that you should have a strong relationship with your family members, friends, and life partner.

Recently, there was a survey conducted amongst the adults which asked them what’s their important life goals? and over 80% said that their measure life goal was to get rich and earn lots of money and 50% of those same adults said that another measure life goal was to become famous.

With this type of thought process, they were so much motivated to work hard and continuously busy with work only, because their ultimate goal was to earn money. They completely ignored the two most important pillars of quality life i.e. health and relationships.

The result is, at the end of their life, they were in a miserable situation because they didn’t have good health and nobody was there for them, This actually represents an example of unbalance amongst the three pillars of life.

It’s very important that we should understand life is not just about earning money or becoming famous it is more than that. This generation needs to understand the fact that doing 20hr of work just to earn money is a complete waste. I know work is important but along with that, it’s important to spend quality time with your loved ones.


Spending quality time with your family, friends, and spouse not only makes you happy, stress-free but also gives you the best fun memories that support you in your hard time and help you to stay strong when you face life challenges.

There was a study conducted by Harvard University on adult development the aim of the study was to understand people from the time when they were a teenager to their old age in order to see what really keeps people happy and healthy? This was the longest study of adult life called Harvard study of adult development.

Under that study, researchers asked people questions about their work, health, home life, and daily routine. They tracked the group of people for more than 75 years. This is one of the longest of study of adult life ever done on this planet.

The result or lesson those researchers have found is that life quality is not about wealth or fame or working harder and harder. After 75 years of study, researchers got that good relationship keeps us happier and healthier. They concluded the study with three big lessons – 

  • Social connections are really good for us that kill loneliness. It turns out that the people who are more socially connected have good friends and family relations. They are more happy and healthy also live longer.
  • Quality of your relationships matters. It’s not important how many friends you have or family members with you, it’s all about how many of them come to you when you are in a problem.
  • Good relationships not just protect our bodies but also protect our brains.

So this study clearly shows that the secret of quality life is having good relationships with your friends, family members, and your community. Make sure you should keep some time aside from your busy lifestyle to build quality relationships. 


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Career –

After health and relationships, the 3rd important pillar of quality life is Career. Once you manage the two pillars then your next responsibility is to build a good career that will provide you money, respect in society, and work satisfaction. This pillar of life will give you a strong reason for living life.

Selecting the right career option is very important in life but most people ignore it and just follow the traditional way and later regret it. Choosing the right career is directly related to your future life quality, your right career decision gives you all types of satisfaction like growth, money, and respect because you love what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you made a mistake while selecting a career then your entire life becomes regret and you lost meaning because you don’t like what you are doing. This happens when we made career decisions based on how much money we will get from that work, or by comparing with others like if someone is doing engineering we also follow the same path.

So always remember your career decisions should not be based on two factors i.e. Money and comparison with what others doing. It should be based on what you like to do, what’s your talent and skillset, what you are capable of. See when you select a career according to your interest money automatically comes to you because you love your work.

Well, choosing the right career is not that easy, it takes lots of effort and self-analysis, market research. As an individual, we have to do a detailed study of ourselves like what’s my interest, talent and in which field I can do better. During this process, one can analyze his past experience, achievements and also consult with a career counselor.

When you go through this process of self-evaluation at the end you will get good career options because this process matches your skill, interest, passion with your experiences and gives you a clear picture of what you are capable of.


I personally did this type of analysis and figured out that I am good at writing so that’s what I am doing through these blogs. Let me share with you some basic tips to do this self-analysis –

  1. Do SWOT analysis and assess yourself.
  2. Be aware of the new career options available in the market.
  3. Select few career choices that match your interest.
  4. Check competition in the field and then your capability.
  5. Depending upon competition, and your ability exclude some options.
  6. Then find expert people or career counselors and consult with them.
  7. After finalizing the career option, prepare a plan to learn new skills.

This process is repetitive but in the end, it will provide you quality results. Once you are clear about your career then it is easy for you to learn skills related to that field. This clarity is very important because it takes you one step ahead towards a quality life.

When you are in the age of 20 to 30 this is time you should explore a different field to figure out your interest or passion instead of wasting your time on social media or in irrelevant gossips. Because this is a time period when you have high energy and the ability to learn new things never waste it on bullshit things.

To make a successful career one thing you should keep in mind that build the habit of continuous learning and upgrading your skills. Irrespective of age group never stop learning because the more you learn the more you earn and the more you earn the good quality life you will live.


Conclusion –

We covered everything about the three pillars of quality life in detail. What you should do to build strong health, relationships, and career that we understood. One thing you should keep in mind successful life is all about how you balance these three pillars effectively, it’s not just about being good at any two pillars.

All three pillars must be balanced to live a happy and peaceful life. I have been following all those things which I shared in this article every day and because of this, I am seeing positive changes in my life.

That’s why I think If you follow this I am sure you will be more happy and satisfied with your life and that is what the true meaning of quality life is for you. So start taking action to improve your life.

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